Mypetrolpump: India’s first Door Step fuel delivery service Starts in Bengaluru


A consumer brand of ANB Fuels Private Limited starts India’s first door step fuel delivery service in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The brand named as mypetrolpump offers service at fixed delivery charge and provides the fuel at running price only.
The customer can Pre-book or order fuel at their online portal or by calling 7880504050. A smartphone app will soon be introduced on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Currently, the service is operational in select areas of Bangalore and will be expanded to other locations in the near future.
MyPetrolpump currently comprises of three delivery vehicles fabricated by a firm approved by the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation and has a carrying capacity of 950 litres per day. The company has 20 regular customers including 16 schools each with a sizeable number of buses. The fixed delivery charge is Rs 99 per delivery for up to 100 litres. For volumes greater than 100 litres a charge of 1 Re per litre would be levied. A customer can put in a request for the frequent requirement of fuel and avoid ordering every time there is a need for fuel. Cash or POS machine payment by swiping cards are accepted as of now.
As per Mypetrolpump, the fuel is being sourced from authorized dealers of oil companies near the location provided by the customer only upon receiving pre-bookings. They do not purchase or stock fuel prior to delivery.
The Oil Ministry has also been considering the home delivery of petrol and diesel to minimize the loss of fuel and long waiting time in queues at pumps.

Source: Zee NewsTeam BHP, India

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