Tesla Model 3 – First Model Out

Tesla Model 3
Tesla has recently delivered the first Model 3 sedans to customers and production has grown rapidly. That’s indeed a great news for those who pre-ordered their cars and got the answers clearing all the dilemma. Though Indian customers may not be able to get any of the pitches, we’ve come with the news and the information that you may be looking for.

OnePlus 5

Unexpectedly, Tesla’s Model 3 starts at $35,000. That too before subtracting the federal or state incentives, which could be thousands more from the price of Model 3. It’s usual range is 220 miles; however, if you expect more, you can step up to the Long Range edition. It adds $9,000 to the price and an amazing 90 miles to the tank. That makes it $44000 if you’re heading to 310 miles in one charge.

Production and delivery details

Tesla always declined a formal update number of pre-orders in the system, but the company has received “somewhere over a half-million reservations.” 500,000 also happens to be the rate of annual production Musk hopes to be able to eventually achieve for the Model 3, which will be built at its Fremont factory along with Tesla’s Model S and X.

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